One Simple Kindness

April 22nd is International Earth Day, and every year it only becomes more crucial for us to recognise how essential the movement to save our planet is.

As stated by The Earth Day Network “The impacts of the pandemic have illustrated with painful clarity that the planet faces two crises and they are connected: global environmental degradation and its connection to our health. Deforestation, wildlife trade, air and water pollution, human diets, climate change and other issues have all fed into a breakdown of our natural systems, leading to new and fatal diseases, such as the current pandemic, and a breakdown of the global economy”

Each one of us can make a difference that contributes to a greater change that ultimately decides the future and fate of this planet and its 1 trillion and above species. At Oxygen boutique, we want to ensure that the purchases you make are aligned with a planet first approach, which is why One Simple Kindness is our fashion brand of the month.

One Simple Kindness were concerned about the amount of waste being produced because of throwaway face masks with a short lifespan. So many of the commonly worn disposable face masks will end up in the ocean, adding to the 8 million tonnes of plastics leaked into the marine environment every year.

Rather than waiting for someone else to fix the problem they decided to do something about it, and One Simple Kindness was born. They have a fully sustainable supply chain and all face masks produced products having a ‘planet first’ approach, with a portion of profit donated to charitable causes.

Designed in collaboration with our favourite style and beauty influencers, each mask is totally unique whilst being made of recycled ocean plastic. Making it easy to be kind to yourself, others & the planet.