Online Dating

online dating
Courting seems to have gone out of fashion. Or am I just an old soul?
Online dating has become the norm and is no longer an embarrassing or taboo subject; almost all of my friends have met their partners on either a dating site or some kind of social media. The few times I have dipped my toe into the realms of online dating, which may or may not have been after copious amounts of wine and/ or several failed attempts from friends with success stories, I have been (un)pleasantly surprised by the variety of messages I receive. 
Back in my 20’s I went on a number of online dates, purely with an intention to rebuild my confidence following a devastating break up. Did it work? Kinda. Did I endure hours of awkward small talk? Yes, I did. Did I meet anyone nice? Yes, some of whom are still friends with several years later. Majority however, proved my theory only short men use online dating.
The dreaded question: "What are your hobbies and interests?”  Who, in this day and age, has time for hobbies? Creating an appealing, realistic bio took longer than anticipated, and made me question why would anyone want to date me? I really do enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge, I have an unhealthy obsession with cats, and I will attempt to seduce you with my awkwardness, after that drink of course. I attempted to list the things I’d put in Room 101 as a great conversation starter and subtle hint into who I am as a person, but in doing so, I realised I sounded like a sociopath. 
Yet you wonder if the more you write the more chance of grasping the attention of a potential suitor. Alas, online dating doesn’t work like that. What you write in your bio is completely irrelevant, and you end up repeating yourself, if you ever get the chance of striking up a conversation with someone who isn’t 4 feet shorter than you and most likely balding. One can’t deny a little spark of excitement when a message is received or a match is made, however I very almost developed repetitive strain syndrome swiping through the mismatched applicants. 
Online dating is, purely based on attractiveness. Other pitfalls can include seeing ex’s (good to know you’re in the same sinking boat), your friends ex’s (are you obligated to tell your friend?) or, my favorite; colleagues. What is the etiquette for that? A subtle nod in passing whilst at work?  
Online dating allows you to explore a variety of people, sexual fetishes, religions, and heck, there’s even an app for cheating partners. From the comfort of your own home, or whilst on holiday, online dating has become a convenient way of meeting people that you wouldn’t come across in your day to day life. It’s another world entirely, where realistic expectations are nonexistent and I may even go as far as nonconsequential. 
Despite my bias opinion, with a pinch of salt, it can be a lot of fun. You’ve potential friends to make above anything else, and it does give you a boost of confidence when you need it. Just do what your mum says and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, as online dating could lead to a lot of disappointment.