Our Top Ten Skin Hydrators


Adequate hydration levels are crucial to skin health, meaning your complexion hangs somewhat in the balance of your moisturising methods. Cut out any guesswork and opt for one of top ten skin hydrating products, all guaranteed to replenish moisture and more.

MZ Skin Hydrate & Nourish

This daytime moisturiser features a pioneering combination of retinol and SPF 30 to refine the complexion and protect the skin. While retinol boosts collagen production and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, the addition of SPF 30 protects from UVA/B rays and free radicals damage. Rich in hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser helps restore hydration, leaving the complexion smooth and supple.

oxygenboutique.com, £95

BloomEffects Royal Tulip Nectar

Powered by Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex and a bouquet of earth-sourced botanicals, the Royal Tulip Nectar has a unique ointment-to-serum formula that quenches your skin to soothe, nourish and help repair the skin’s barrier. Rich with natural moisturising ingredients, the absence of parabens, fragrance, and sulfates make this suitably sensitive.

oxygenboutique.com, £64

Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief

The Hydrator In Chief contains an intelligent combination of moisture locking ingredients and antioxidant compounds to re-establish, develop and maximum the skin’s surface hydration levels. The addition of botanical extracts balance and refine the complexion to help achieve healthy, glowing skin.

oxygenboutique.com, £65

KIVU Hydrating Elixir

This innovative, light, non-comedogenic formula has an intensely moisturising and brightening effect on the skin due to its high concentration of Helix Aspersa secretion combined with Hyaluronic Acid. It imparts a long-lasting glow and luminosity to the skin thanks to the anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties of its active ingredients.

oxygenboutique.com, £85

Linda Meredith Hydrator Mist

A unique and exceptional hydrating fluid that supports and maintains the natural moisture levels in the skin. This alcohol-free, moisturising and healing mist contains high levels of hyaluronic acid to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance and beauty.

oxygenboutique.com, £34

Kat Burki Vital Hydration Blast

Specifically formulated for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, the Vital Hydration Blast is a creamy mask that utilises a potent pro B vitamin complex to combat lacklustre skin. Powerful for day and night time use, a generous layer will revitalise any dull complexion.

oxygenboutique.com, £131

MZ Skin Hydra-Boost Ampoules

Each powerhouse ampoule is carefully designed to replenish essential moisture levels; the key to calm, balanced and glowing skin. This restorative 5-day programme penetrates deeply to achieve optimal hydration and reveal a youthful radiance.

oxygenboutique.com, £155

Ame Pure Duo-Multiplex Moisturiser

Designed for sensitive skin types, this velvety moisturiser helps to soothe and rehydrate the skin, locking in moisture for 24 hours. The active ingredients and collagen work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while replenishing any lost moisture so you’re left with a dewy, plump and bouncy skin complexion that will stay hydrated through the day.

oxygenboutique.com, £43

Ilody LUXMI Hydrating Radiance Serum

A multi-functional radiance serum that combines patented plant actives, essential nutrients and bio-compatible botanical extracts that work to hydrate, plump and brighten the complexion. Lightweight in texture, this silky serum by Ilody gives the skin a subtle, luminous glow.

oxygenboutique.com, £72

Decree SOS Revitalising Mask

Decree's rose-infused bio-cellulose treatment mask soaks the skin in hydrating actives and comes in recyclable, biodegradable packaging to condition skin without causing harm to the planet. It sits alongside the existing core Decree products and is already used by Dr Anita J Sturnham in her clinic to provide instant comfort, for even the most sensitive of skins. 

oxygenboutique, £105