Our Top Ten Winter Skincare Products

We all welcome little lifestyle changes come winter, switching salads for stews and sandals for boots. With the arrival of a new season, our skincare regimes too need a cold weather update. It can be difficult to escape the wrath of winter’s climate with harsh winds outside and drying air con inside, so it is important that your products are well and truly weather-proof. Our top ten will hydrate and protect your skin come rain and shine (and wind, and snow and hail).

1. Ouli’s Multi-Purpose Balm by Ouli’s Ointment
The ultimate multi-purpose pocket rocket. Apply wherever needed to hydrate, soothe and heal skin – or use as a highlighter!

2. Daily Skin Milk Mask by Lapcos
This sheet mask is formulated with milk protein essence to condition and hydrate. It also gently exfoliates to remove dead and dry skin.

3. Rays For Days Bronzing Serum by Beached
Get your glow even in winter with this little bottle of bronzing serum. It’s packed with super fruits that nourish the skin while adding the perfect sun kissed glow.

4. Hydrating Face Mist by Eleni & Chris
Does your skin suffer from midday dehydration? A light spritz of this face mist will leave the skin feeling refreshed without smudging makeup.

5. Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm by Balmkind
Don’t forget pout protection. Complete with SPF, which is equally important in winter, this balm locks in moisture and protects the lips against winter weather.

6. Ultra-Hydrating Day Crème by Bee Yu
This rich moisturiser will become your new BFF. It contains bee venom and royal jelly which gives this super hydrating cream powers to protect your skin from daily pollutants.

7. Eye Gel by Codex
Lightweight and cooling, Codex’s eye gel provides instant hydration to the eye area. Say goodbye to undereye puffiness and dark circles.

8. Moisture Boost Serum by Lernberger Stafsing
With triple moisturising action, this serum aims to soften, soothe and repair. It boosts the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic acid and strengths the skin’s outer barrier.

9. Skin Superfood by Codex
A nourishing cream that helps treat dry, flaky and irritated skin, leaving it silky and smooth.

10. Body Milk by Gallinee
Gallinee’s Body Milk is suitable for all skin types. It’s formula is packed with skin loving ingredients, including their patented Tripe Biotic Complex of probiotics, to deliver moisture to the skin gently and effectively.