Pearl Jewellery: The Timeless Trend

The pearl is a timeless gemstone, which has effortlessly remained a bold accessory statement for centuries. Pearls were once solely associated with royalty or the aristocracy, but today are popular with a wide range of individuals – from celebrities to women at every stage of life.

Freshwater pearls are known to be one of the most valuable jewels in the world, and have been treasured for years. They traditionally come from China, but now boast a world-wide market. 

Pearl jewellery never goes out of style and has boomed this summer, even extending to men's fashion, with the likes of Harry Styles and other pop-stars sporting them. That's why we're highlighting one of our beloved brands, Talis Chains today. We've selected 6 beautiful necklace pieces that feature freshwater pearls that we believe will be the best accompaniments to your outfits.

Our pearl jewellery collection offers you the chance to wear versatile and expressive pieces that are timeless, elegant and understated. Whether you’re searching for a classic strand of pearls or want something bolder, our range has something to suit every taste.
Above, we have our Pearl XL choker, Chip Stone Pearl Choker in Cucumber and our Pearly Smiley Choker. Each freshwater pearl is unique, so size, shape and texture may vary. 
Below, we have our 18 carat gold plated brass Capri Pearl Necklace, ceramic evil eye bead pearl choker and our lobster clasp Mykonos Pearl Necklace.

Are you searching for more inspiration? Here's how we would wear our Pearl XL choker, featuring some more exclusive pieces from our boutique. 


(Our Mayfair Selkie Dress, and our Carina Pala Talon Sand wedge).