Pre-Christmas Detox

It’s official. We’re only one month away from Christmas. That means one month away from that divine Christmas feast- but also a few weeks lead up of mince pies and marshmallow topped hot chocolate. Oh and wine, lots of wine.

Now it would be far too typical for us to suggest a January detox alongside every other magazine and blog. That would also mean an entire month of feeling sluggish and bloated, only to return to a healthier routine in the new year. At Oxygen Boutique we believe in a holistic and long-term view of health and wellness- you should feel great all year round whilst being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Like that gorgeous Christmas cake and mulled wine.

We have a wonderful selection of successfully tried-and-tested health products to maintain healthy digestive function through regulation and detoxification. So you can feel great from the inside out throughout the festive season.

To support healthy liver function:

To boost your digestive system when it’s feeling sluggish and overwhelmed:

 To elevate bloating and aid liver detoxes:

Bacteria for normal gut function and balance, aiding digestion and preventing the dreaded bloat:

 Soothe digestion and the mind:

The Queen of prebiotics: Apple Cider Vinegar (in tasty and convenient gummies):

 To maintain metabolic efficiency, keep blood sugar levels balanced and keeping you feeling fuller for longer: