Meet the man behind our new haircare brand: Christophe Robin


Q&A with Christophe Robin regarding what products we should use in our hair during the summer and return to nature/ natural colour:

Lockdown saw many people spending longer durations outside in the sun. What products are best to use to protect colour during the summer? 
To protect your hair color during the summer; just as you do for your skin; apply the CHRISTOPHE ROBIN lavender oil as it contains an SPF to protect hair from the sun and is also ultra-nourishing to repair the hair fiber from exposure to sea salt, chlorine or sand. 

Also, to cleanse and care for your colored hair; use the color shield shampoo and color shield mask both offering a cocktail of antioxidant vitamins to protect hair strands from external aggressors such as the sun, chlorine, sea salt, pollution for a vibrant hair color for longer!   

Lockdown forced many people to have to accept their natural colour as they were not able to go to the salon. Have you seen increased interest in the 'Temporary Colour Gel' range as many have started to appreciate their natural colour more than before? 

Yes absolutely! The lockdown had a tremendous positive impact on sales of the temporary color gels as it is the perfect dye while waiting to go to your hairdresser. 

It is a great alternative to covering grays and grey roots in order to postpone your visit to the hairdresser. 

Also, as it fades in 5 to 7 shampoos it is not a big at home commitment so very reassuring for many. 

Your products are a minimum of 92% natural ingredients- are there any particular natural ingredients that feature the most? 

We do not feature most one ingredient than another. We source and chose our ingredients in regards to their efficacy and what they have to offer to the scalp and hair fiber. Often, we find an ingredient that is very interesting and from this ingredient, we create a concept and a formula to take the whole advantage from what nature has to offer. 
We then have a star ingredient per range like for example rare prickly pear oil inside the regenerating range; harvested in Morocco and offering its intense resilient properties to the hair fiber. 
How is best to pick the most natural colour? 
To better choose one of the temporary color gels and have the most natural effect; you should choose a shade matching your skin tone and your hair tone; knowing that if you hesitate between two shades; if you have a light hair color; go for the lighter shade but if you have dark hair; go to the darkest one.