Q&A with Nursem

Was there a particular event in time that made you develop the Nursem products? 
Not long after qualifying as a paediatric nurse I ended up suffering from contact dermatitis on my hands and having to take two weeks off work until they got better. As a nurse you have to frequently wash your hands; this not only protects your patients from infections but also yourself.  A lot of my nursing friends and colleagues also suffered from the same problem and the products that were available just weren’t effective enough. I needed a hand cream that was super fast absorbing, non-greasy and full of actives that would protect and replenish the natural oils lost through excessive hand washing, whilst being deeply moisturising.  A hand cream perfect for hardworking hands!

How long has the initiative been running for? 
We launched in March 2019 and since then the Nursem Promise has been a cornerstone of our brand. We are really proud that we have helped over 120,000 nurses so far through the Nursem Promise. From hospitals in Jersey right up to Inverness, Newcastle to Omagh, we've probably helped a hospital within 20 miles of most people in the UK!

Have you had successful feedback from Nursing staff? 

We’ve had amazing feedback from a lot of nurses who have found our products to be really helpful with all hand washing and sanitising they do! Sadly this leads to a lot of skin conditions for the most acute sufferers and we’ve been overwhelmed by the responses from users. They especially resonate with our mission revolving around the Nursem Promise - and the love idea of giving back!

Do you plan on developing further products/ do you have any projects for the future? 
Jonny's working really hard to develop our range, especially as we're getting lots of requests and suggestions. Although we are a small business we recognise that this is necessary for us and we are aiming to bring out some new products in early 2021 - hopefully you'll be seeing them at Oxygen Boutique soon!

Do you have any long-term goals for the Nursem Promise? 
Our mission is to help provide free hand care for every nurse and midwife in the UK by 2025 but we also want to work beyond our Promise and work with other brands to really champion the nurses' cause - nurses and midwives work so hard and they deserve to be recognised!
Can anyone use the Nursem products i.e. Children, those with sensitive skin etc. ?
Yes, children over the age of three years old can use our products as can people with sensitive skin. We've had some incredible reviews from customers with eczema, through to Psoriasis, so while skincare can be incredibly subjective - the feedback we've had from those with sensitive skin has really blown us away. Another exciting development is that we have recently introduced an ultra-caring range which is free of allergens and really good for those who need to be extra careful with which skincare products they use.
Q: Do you have any tips on how to prevent dermatitis- especially in a Covid-19 world where we are constantly washing our hands and using sanitizer?
A: Firstly, wherever possible try to wash your hands instead of relying on alcohol gels – it's more effective and less disruptive to your skin. Secondly, when washing your hands remember to use a mild and low-foaming hand wash as this can help to avoid stripping your skin of its naturally protective lipid barrier, and when drying your hands – ensure they're completely dry! Last but certainly not least, apply a gentle moisturiser little and often throughout the day and work it into your skin for 30-60 seconds. This will help to reinforce your skin's barrier and help you to maintain healthy hands.