Q&A With The Founder Of Olivanna & My Olivanna

We sat down with Janine Summers, the founder of Olivanna & my olivanna to discuss her inspirations, successes, ingredient selection process and more.

What was the inspiration behind creating Olivanna?

The creation of Olivanna and my olivanna was inspired by my daughters. As a mother, I struggled to find efficacious yet gentle skincare that my daughters could use, so I decided to create a range of products that we could share. The best beauty secrets are often the ones handed down through generations and so I embarked on creating a brand that could be passed from mother to daughter, friend to friend or women at any stage of their lives. So instead of my children stealing my skincare, which was too harsh for their skin, they could have their own high-performing skincare range and I could have mine!

What has been the brand's biggest success so far?

Over the last six months, we have seen Olivanna and my olivanna growing in popularity within Europe and a considerable shift in popularity and success for the brand globally. We have so many exciting projects we are on boarding for 2023, including launches in the Middle East and China and I’m extremely excited about our new innovative product launches for this year.

What product would you suggest to someone first trying Olivanna and why?

I would recommend our multi-award-winning Intense Repair Night Cream. This luxurious cream is formulated with collagen-boosting cotton thistle extract that stimulates regeneration to repair skin and replenish its strength and firmness. After use, you wake up with rejuvenated, soft and plump skin! It’s also clinically proven to improve wrinkle depth by 26.5.% in 28 days! It’s the perfect introduction product to the brand and ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

How do you go about selecting your ingredients?

My family spend weekends at our farming estate in Surrey and I’ve enjoyed watching my daughters grow up, spending most of their weekends in the countryside. The English countryside and its ever changing seasons has always been a huge inspiration to the brand and to the ingredients selected for Olivanna. Our skin-loving formulas are packed with botanical actives and natural extracts that soothe, nourish and protect your skin. Whatever your skin concern, the planet has a powerhouse ingredient to target it. When choosing ingredients, we carefully select British botanicals that hold the finest properties to achieve significant skin benefits, alongside active ingredients that ensure we deliver results driven formulations.

What is your overall mission statement for your customers?

Olivanna encapsulates what it means to be a woman. Those of all ages and life stages come together as part of a community to inspire and share with one another, brought together by a love of luxury, natural, advanced skincare. Family values lie at the core of Olivanna. We believe in the strength and energy of women and the importance of female relationships. 

What is one piece of advice that you would give someone first starting their skincare journey?

Double cleansing with our Chamomile & Rosewater cleanser, followed by our Soothing seed oils cleansing balm leaves your skin perfectly cleansed to allow the serums and creams to penetrate the dermis effectively. At Olivanna we have a carefully curated capsule range, so all the work is done for you - we pride ourselves on our high performance, dual action serums - perfect for those with busy lifestyles!