Q and A With Soraya Bakhtiar

soraya bakhtiar
How would you describe your personal style? 
I would describe it as bohemian, eclectic and colourful.
Where do you find your inspiration? 
My travels. I love colours and I try to wear colours as much as I can, it makes me happy.
Are you an outfit planner? 
On a weekly basis no, I usually listen to my mood and my body (not to mention the weather forecast). However, I like to plan my outfits when I travel because I like to travel as light as possible.
What are your favourite designers of the moment? 
Zimmermann, Ganni and Mira Mikati.
How often do you detox your wardrobe? 
Not often enough!
Seasonally or on a regular basis?
Seasonally (winter/summer).
Favourite online shopping site? 
I rarely shop online nowadays.
Must have item for upcoming season? 
Cowboy boots.
All time favourite beauty product?
Pore perfect from DECIEM.
What is your daily skin care routine? 
Clean the residue with a cotton pad in the morning and a bit of Biologique Recherche p50 or Bioderma, wash my face with Tata Harper cleansing gel, sunday riley Good Genes serum. That’s it.
What’s in your makeup bag lately? 
Lots of glossier and a foundation stick from Fenty.
When you travel - how do you look after your skin on a long haul flight? 
I travel without make up on or without too much face cream. Before landing i’ll cleanse my face with a face-wash and apply a light serum and eye cream.
Beauty essentials for the plane? 
Klorane eye patch, ceo cleanser from sunday riley + serum + eye cream (travel size).
You are very into perfume, what is your go-to scent? 
My everyday go-to scent is Gaiac 10 from le Labo. It’s clean and musky.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 
How do you keep fit and healthy while traveling? 
First of all by keeping my routine with my transcendental meditation and then i’ll go to a class every other day (depending where I am) but I stick to my usual routine, carbs for breakfast/lunch, as little sugar as possible and protein at night only, except on weekends. And Red wine is less sweet than the other ones.
Where is your favourite place to travel to?
The Middle East. I love Beirut. 
Where do you see yourself in five years? 
I honestly don’t know, but I hope in a happy place.