Q and A With the Founders of Equi London

equi london
What drove you to enter the supplement market?
It was really a matter of right place, right time.  We had both experienced a massive gap in the market for supplements that really work – Alice as a nutritionist looking for products for her clients, and Rosie actually as a customer trying to find something to support her skin. 
The idea came about after Rosie went to see Alice to focus on sorting her skin out.  At the time, she was working in Investment Banking, so was living a pretty full-on and fast paced life-style, like so many of us do! Rosie’s skin had flared up badly when she stopped taking the contraceptive pill which she had been on for many years.  She was preparing to have a baby so harsh medications were out of the question and she wanted to get to the route cause of her issues.  Rosie was already eating pretty well, but as well as a few tweaks to her diet, Alice suggested a range of supplements that not only cleared her skin up (fast!), but also improved her energy, digestion, concentration, sleep.  She felt the best she had in years and it was then that she really realised how sub-par she’d been feeling on a day-to-day basis....and her skin completely cleared up and had a wonderful glow.
The supplements Alice had given Rosie to take were only available through practitioners or specialist websites, were unbranded and sold in single forms - so you needed to have gone to see and experts to know what to take.  We quickly realised that there was a real need for readily available supplements that actually work and make a real difference to how you look and feel. 
Supplements get a lot of bad press for being ineffective and we tend to agree with this - most of the readily available products don’t give any noticeable changes.  Though there were some good products on the market, that wasn’t anything that was as comprehensive as what we knew was needed to make a difference, that had also been formulated for real people living busy city lifestyles.  It was also essential to us to use the absolute best quality ingredients and cut all fillers, binders, chemicals and unnatural nasties. 
What sets Equi London products above other available supplements?
We take a 360° approach to wellbeing with all our products whereas other supplements tend to work more superficially. We deliver top quality ingredients that encourage balanced immunity, hormones, improve sleep, energy, stress levels and mood, all of which are needed to improve overall wellbeing sustainably and effectively. 
Many other skin products also require various products to be taken, whereas we wanted an easy, quick solution for busy ladies, meaning you don’t have to shop around, can avoid confusing science or pill popping. 
Should we all be taking supplement products?
Not necessarily, and diet always comes – nothing should never replace eating well. The problem is that how many of us eat a really nutritious diet every single day, never get stressed, don't drink alcohol, sleep 8 hours a night and do everything right? 
Supplements have come in for a lot of flack in recent years and though we don't condone pill popping, time and time again research has proven the health benefits of high quality, targeted vitamins/minerals at safe doses in the bioavailable forms, as well as stable probiotics, supergrasses/berries (natures multivitamin) and natural botanicals. This is especially the case in the modern world that exposes us to anti-nutrients (like alcohol, stress, poor diet, air travel, pollution, excessive exercise) that all increase our requirements for goodness. 
People can find buying the right supplements quite overwhelming as there are so many low quality products on the market, so without having invested in a practitioner and taking the numerous different pills is unpleasant and time consuming. Our products deliver a diverse range of goodness in one convenient powder; no chemicals, just goodness in a natural, bioavailable form that keeps the body working the way it's designed to.
You have a variety of different formulas; how do these differ from one another?
Our range includes a beauty, energy, weight loss and pregnancy product - all of which are very special in their own right. 
Our products are targeted meaning it is easy to work out which was is best for you, however the most common question we get is whether you can take 2 or sometimes 3 formulas at the same time. The answer is you don't really need to, as all of them are comprehensive products that work to balance all of your internal systems so you feel your best! 
There is also quite a lot of crossover with our products, so though Beauty works to give you great skin it will also boost your energy and concentration… in the same way Original is an amazing energy support, but will also help with skin. Beauty is our best seller though.. I mean who doesn’t want perfect skin?! 
How long will it take to feel/see the effects of using an Equi London supplement and what benefits can we expect?
This varies from person to person as everyone is so different, but our customers typically notice having better energy within a week, sometimes almost immediately. For skin you should notice having brighter skin within 2 weeks, with more complex skin problems beginning to clear up after around a month – 2 months. We also have people reporting better sleep, feeling calmer and fewer cravings within 2-3 weeks. Typically weight loss happens over the course of 1-2 months, but we also offer a healthy eating plan to go alongside Lean Formula so to make it more sustainable for the long term. 
How can taking a supplement improve my skin?
There are so many ways that a supplement can help with skin, especially that which is lacking glow, ageing prematurely, or dry, spotty or generally problematic. Good supplements can help correct deficiencies, encourage collagen hydration, collagen production, heal more quickly, reduce dark circles and also target hormonal skin issues and inflammatory problems. 
We take a 360° approach to beauty whereas other supplements will only target the skin directly with collagen. We do this too, but also deliver ingredients that encourage balanced immunity, digestion, hormones, improve sleep and stress levels and mood, all of which are needed to improve skin health sustainably and effectively. 
What is it like working with your BFF?
It’s awesome! Lucky for us, when you’re working with your best friend work feels less arduous and you can also plan your day the way you want to. 
Working together has only strengthened what was already a very close connection - 15 years of friendship will do that to you.  We’ve always been very much on the same page when it comes to what we want for Equi, how we see the industry and work ethic, so our partnership just Is smooth sailing. Our backgrounds establish our roles in the business naturally which also means our roles are clearly defined, removing any issues that we could imagine other partnerships might have.  
What are your upcoming plans for Equi London?
We’ve got loads of plans for amazing new products, which are in development now – stay tuned!