Say 'Yes!' to BrowFood Eyebrows

We all strive for eyebrow greatness. They frame your face and can sometimes make or break your look. We have become obsessed with eyebrows over recent years, to the point where they are probably the first thing you notice when you look at someone (sometimes wondering about how you’d fix them too – guilty as charged). But sparse brows or nineties over-plucking (thanks Kate Moss) have led most of us to find comfort in a good eyebrow pencil, powder or gel. But what if you could turn back time, all the way to brow goals o’clock? Browfood products might just be the answer…
Browfood eyebrow products are inspired by the regenerative powers of nature. Using powerful herb extracts and other pure ingredients, they work to restore and improve the appearance of your eyebrows. So not only are these products fantastic for filling in your eyebrows each day, they encourage regrowth to give you thicker, fuller brows long term. Miracles do come true.
Whichever eyebrow product you prefer to use, Browfood have got you (and your eyebrows) covered. The new Browfood 24H Tri Feather Brow Pen makes filling in your eyebrows so easy. Its versatile design means you can use the three prongs to fill in sparse areas, then turn the pen on its side to define the shape. It also contains a nano-peptide complex for brow rejuvenation and its durability means it won’t smudge or fade for an impressive 24 hours.
We love their Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo is perfect for mimicking fine hair-like strokes. This double ended pencil contains two shades to create ultimate natural looking brows. Also, in the range is the Aqua Brow Powder and Pencil Duo, this is great if you like to use more than one type of eyebrow product – two for the price of one.
Think your eyebrows need a little more attention? The Phyto Medic Natural Eyebrow Enhancer is the product for you. It contains organic medicinal extracts that activate the brow follicles to become thicker-looking, whilst restoring sparse areas in as little as four weeks. This product is a little more expensive, but you can’t put a price on great eyebrows.
That’s not all – there are plenty more Browfood products available on our website, each as fabulous as the next. Browfood is the way to achieve the eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of. So what are you waiting for?