September Slumber

September leaves us all with the same energy for a fresh start as January, after a few months of energising sunshine and must needed relaxation. As we move into the winter months and workload piles up once again, make sure you take the time to perfect your sleep routine so you wake up feeling energised and ready to take on the new day.

It all starts with creating the perfect sleep environment, so you can slip away into a slumber in no time…

TEYA: Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask

Nothing encourages us to get into bed a little earlier than a gorgeously comfortable looking bedroom set-up. Slip the 100% silk eye mask over your eyes and rest your head onto the 100% silk pillowcase and there will be no need for counting sheep. Good night sleep guaranteed.

EYM: The Sleepy One Candle

Light this little one up on your bedside table to be transported into a deeply relaxed state. A gentle and pure scent, perfect for night-time. Calming and soothing.

 Aromatherapy Benefits: 

Soothes nerves  / Warming and sedative/  Induces a feeling of bliss

LIFE ARMOUR: Drops of Slumber

Slide into bed and let drops of slumber do the rest. Wake up ready to face the day fully refreshed with no feelings of drowsiness. 100% natural and alcohol-free formula is non-habit forming. Designed to work with your body. A perfect bedside table and travel companion. Helps to ease jet lag.

Natalia Botanicals: Sleepy Soul

The adaptogens encourage stress-free, deep sleep to promote the renewal and rejuvenation of tissues and nerve cells for optimal relaxation. Each dose added to your favourite non-caffeinated beverage will calm your mind, body and soul.