Should You Detox This January?


To detox or not to detox, that is the question. Whether it be digital or digestive, January is renowned as the month of detoxing. After a undoubtably heavy December of rich food and drink, combined with a complete lack of routine (what day is it again?), it’s no surprise our bodies are craving a healthier normality. But is it worth kick starting the New Year with a detox?

What comes to mind when you think of a detox? Ten days of starvation, drinking nothing but glorified laxatives to help lose weight or beat the bloat? You’re not alone. Detoxing has a bad reputation thanks so the plethora of chemical-fuelled products available that don’t detox your body at all, but in fact fill it with chemicals that could potentially have adverse effects, including stalling weight loss. But thankfully not all detox products are made equal. Some use natural ingredients to work with the body’s natural detoxifying process, often using potent plants and herbs. While many feel the need for a digestive detox post-Christmas, the idea of detoxing extends into skincare products (such as clay masks) and mental health.

When deciding whether to detox or not this January, ask yourself what your goals are. Why do you want to detox? How does your body feel? What are you expecting from a detox? A self-assessment could help you figure out whether you would find detoxing beneficial or whether a problem needs addressing from another angle. Once you listen to your body you will realise its needs. If you feel sluggish and bloated, you may benefit from a gentle holistic detox supplement, whereas if you are suffering from a negative mindset could combat this by ditching digital devices and becoming more present.

So, should you detox this January? The answer lies within. Your body knows best! Take your own advice and, detox or no detox, make 2020 YOUR year.

P.S We recommend consulting with your GP before taking any new supplements.