Shower A Mum To Be With Gifts

Attending a Zoom Baby Shower anytime soon?

Make sure to shower the new mum with the perfect gifts to make motherhood that much easier (and more fun!)

Here’s a gift guide so you don’t have to resort to the staple toy bear:

The Essential Multi-Functioning Sleep Pod:

A safe and comfy pod that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. Lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. An assortment of colours available to match mood, room and style

The Breast-Feeding Best-Friend:

A wearable, silicone breast pump for low-effort expression in comfort. Hands-free expression, naturally.

Style from Day-One:

There’s nothing cuter than a well-dressed little one.

Show How Much You Carré:

An indispensable essential for all new and seasoned parents.

Atelier Choux's signature, multipurpose carrés are an everyday essential, at home in the nursery and ‘out and about’ during the day in the diaper bag.

The Feeding Friend:


Grabease utensils are designed to safely nurture independence in little ones ready to meet their self-feeding developmental milestone. Their super cute looking too