Soak Up Summer

Summer is for switching off and entering a universe of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. However, all too often we become so relaxed that our healthy routines are put to the side until that September-is-the-new-January mindset comes around.  Yet, of any time of year, summer is the perfect season to achieve your health and wellness goals. Here’s how: 

Make the most of the sunshine for outdoor workouts

Soak up the sunshine and bring your mat and Bala kit to the park/beach/your back garden- you’ll work up a sweat whilst getting tanned and toned. 

Superfood smoothies 

Winter calls for coffee and hot chocolate. Summer calls for refreshing smoothies. Make sure you pack yours with all the superfoods you could possibly need to improve your skin, sleep and digestion!


We all drink more water during summer. In Bloom Drops are the first and only natural herbal distillate with no preservatives to be enjoyed with your water. You’ll struggle to go back to normal H2O ever again!

Sleep is as good as a holiday 

We all know that sleep is what miracles are made of. It’s the number one priority you have to meet for good health. Maximise those extra hours of shut-eye this summer with JetFuel’s Sleep Time supplement.