Spring Clean Your Skin, The Greek Way


Spring is the season of decluttering and from now on, that includes your complexion and skincare regime. In trail of the Korean 10-step routine, our AMs and PMs have been getting consistently more complicated *and* more expensive.

Whilst shy of a dozen skincare steps may work for you, there are some that crave a little more simplicity. For those, it’s time to draw inspiration not from Korea, but from Ancient Greece… Interested to know more, we invited Kear founder Ypatia to help us get to grips with Greek skincare. 

Kear is dedicated to bringing ancient cosmetic formulas back to life. They combine the modern need for versatility and potency with the rich beauty heritage of Ancient Greece to create timeless natural skincare that works for all. By embracing the use of authentic ingredients and scents, each Kear product embodies Greece’s vibrant culture whilst boasting efficacy. “Here in Kear, we love Nature, so we source our ingredients locally, produce our products exclusively in Greece, and don’t restrict them to a specific need, skin tone, or gender” Ypatia tells us, “Our goal is to offer conscious treatments with non-invasive skincare products, natural and functional. In other words, to reconnect with Nature and its energy, a need that came fore with the pandemic.”



The multipurpose aspect is evidently important to Kear. But to understand clearly, you must remove any preconceptions that this would hinder results. They carefully select and combine ingredients that work harmoniously, supporting one another’s qualities.


The balms are a particularly excellent example of how you can replace three or four separate targeted treatments with one great all rounder, “Kear Face and Body balms protect the skin from environmental pollution by creating a protective layer on the surface of the epidermis, defending it from toxins and free radicals. They are anhydrous; in other words, waterless, they still present the best combination of value and durability.” Ypatia tells us “They come in a solid-like form, but they turn into a dense silky serum to target fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and free radical damage once liquefied. And all this, with just a minimal amount, is enough for the skin to absorb the beneficial elements of the essential oils they contain.”

“Kear face balms are a moisturiser, face cream, day or night cream, sleep-in mask, neck cream, décolleté cream, and are sensitive enough to use around eyes.”


The body balms target superficial and deeper skin concerns from dry skin to stiff muscles and tired legs. They also make fantastic use as foot or hand creams, treating calluses and cuticles. “Needless to say, Kear balms are suitable for all genders, skin tones, and skin types and are produced without any harmful chemicals, just pure natural ingredients that are easy to understand. And, of course, never tested on animals.”

Kear makes simple, natural skincare look so easy. But is it as effective as its lab-created counterparts? There is a reason these ingredients have been used for millennia, they work. One of the key ingredients used by Kear is beeswax, which has an impressive list of benefits. “Beeswax was a natural preservative, as it creates a protective barrier that allows the skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally while also decreasing the ageing effects that time naturally has on the skin” says Ypatia. It is also rich it vitamin A which can help restore and rejuvenate the skin, and possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties making it great for acne sufferers. To further ensure the formulas are as effective, Ypatia says Kear are committed consulting specialised scientists during every step of the production procedure.

Kear has managed to create products that praise a natural approach whilst considering the skin’s needs, targeting multiple skin concerns with the need for fewer products. The results? A decluttered skincare cabinet for clearer skin.