Stay Golden

It’s August and summer has left your skin glowing brighter than the sun babe. A tan instantly makes us look healthier and more youthful, whilst our muscles appear better defined and so providing the toned physique we worked tirelessly towards with our lockdown lounge work outs. 

The bad news- tans only last an average of 7-10 days as the skin starts to naturally regenerate itself. The good news- there are ways to prolong your sun-kissed look to last longer into the autumn (please avoid UV sunbeds at all costs!). 

1. Apply Plenty of Sunscreen 

 Less is not more when it comes to sunscreen application. Dermatologists recommend that you apply at least a shot-glass full of SPF all over your bodies before exposure and reapply multiple times a day. This way you won’t burn and peel, which leaves your body to immediately regenerate its skin and leave you back to your base colour. 

Choose a sunscreen that not only maximises protection, but is free of harmful chemicals found in many commercial sunscreens, nourishes your skin and is as kind to the planet as to you. Our carefully curated SPF selection ticks all the above and more: 

2. Cool Showers 

Hot showers can cause the skin to dehydrate and peel quicker, so swap to a cold shower to prolong your tan. It also helps to use an oil-based shower gel, too, as excessive bubbles can rub away your tan. 

We adore the Moroccan Radiance Body Oil Wash from Marrouge that leaves your skin silky soft and smelling luxurious.

  3. Moisturise! 

Hydrating your skin is incredibly important, especially when you’re planning to spend your day in the sun. Moisturising from head to toe keeps your skin cells plump and soft, meaning your skin tone is more balanced and that your glow will stay in place for longer. 

We love the sophisticated texture of Zenii’s Daily Moisturising Sun Protection:

4. Exfoliate Once A Week

Exfoliating is essential to maintaining your tan and making your skin look healthy and flawless. Before and after your holiday are the most important times to gently buff away dead skin cells and SPF product build up. 

Try Isa Lazo’s fabulous Body Scrub.

5. Body Oil Application

Body oil not only leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth, but can repair sun damaged skin and prolong your tan. 

Try Isa Lazo’s miracle Body Oil.