Still Or Sparkling Water? Crystal-Infused Please

Move over lemon and lime, your infusion days are over. Holistic Silk is giving water a boujee makeover.

The Crystal Gemstone Bottle works like any other infusion bottle, except the usual slices of citrus are replaced with healing crystals. Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique used throughout ancient and modern history. It is based on the belief crystals have energetic powers that can help unblock and balance the energies we possess within, healing in the process. It is thought that different types of crystals each have unique properties and experts use this knowledge to heal all kinds of ailments from headaches to stress.

Getting in on crystal healing is as simple as filling up your Holistic Silk bottle with water. Then, allow the water to absorb the vibrations of the crystals inside, according to respected author and crystal expert, Michael Gienger. You’ll be pleased to know crystal water doesn’t cost the earth either. The reusable bottle will set you back just £30.00 – that’s a small price to pay for healing H2O.