Feeling Stressed & Anxious? We're Here To Help

If you're reading this, we firstly want to say that we hope you are okay. Experiencing stress and anxiety is tough and not nice for anyone. The positive of you reading this is that you're looking at ways to ease these symptoms for yourself. We want to encourage the fact that you will get there! 

Wellness is a big part of our boutique. We want to provide a disclaimer that these products detailed below are simply recommended in the hope to help alleviate and lessen symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is always important to speak to your GP about any problems you may be experiencing.

Our first product we'd love to recommend (that has also recently won a Tatler Beauty award!) are our Point Zero Ear Seeds. 

We believe in the power of self-healing. And we believe that our accessories are not only tools for adornment, but also tools for relaxation and health. Our Point Zero Ear Seeds are an easy, needle-free way to promote self-healing whilst enjoying the subtle beauty of these tiny accessories. Each kit includes 40 gold-plated ear seeds and a treatment card, which maps out the specific pressure points to calm anxiety.


Cosying up on the couch when you're not feeling great is the first step when you're trying to relax. Adding our DIRTEA Mushroom Cacao Super Blend to the mix can help soothe stress and anxiety just that little bit more. 

DIRTEA Cacao is a blend of deliciously smooth and organic raw Cacao that is packed full of nutrients and 725mg of pure and potent Organic Reishi and Ashwagandha per serving. Not only can it bring you mental relief, it also helps to strengthen your immune system, detox your liver, enhance your mood and improve quality of sleep.



Looking for a physical activity to help ease your symptoms? We recommend meditation. Meditation is a practice that should be enjoyed by all, with benefits ranging from reduced stress and enhanced mental clarity to increased happiness. 

Free yourself from the distraction of discomfort when searching for a meditative state with the Oxygen Meditative Mat. The buckwheat hulls that fill the round cushion encourage air circulation and allow the cushion to best adapt to your body, providing ultimate comfort and support. The outer covers can also conveniently be removed for cleaning when necessary. We call this your first step to achieving the bliss of mindfulness.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the TOCU Health Patches that are taking the world by storm. It's a given that when we lack sleep, it takes a major toll on our wellbeing. Is anxiety causing you to struggle with your sleep? Look no further. Snooze Control aims to promote quality restful sleep. This carefully formulated natural blend includes Valerian Extract, Passionflower Extract and Hops Extract to help you drift off.