Summer RESET

It’s the second week of August and pretty much everyone is in full vacation-mode, even if it’s a staycation. But it can take time to slow down and really enjoy switching off and hitting the reset button. Yet once you get there, it’s bliss. So, we’ve curated a little list to fast-track your road to total relaxation that will allow a total mental and physical recharge for the Autumn. Post-holiday glow guaranteed! 


There’s no better way to totally hit the reset button than mindfulness practice.  Whether you can’t live without it or you’re a total beginner to meditation, the Oxygen Boutique Mediation Mat guarantees impeccable comfort so you can enter the zone from wherever you are, dawn till dusk. 


Summer calls for superfood packed smoothies and iced lattes (disclaimer: looks great on your Insta stories too).

Teami Blends 


Matcha Union


We all know sleep is the ultimate healer, and there’s no better time to squeeze in those extra few hours in the morning. So maximise the quality and quantity with our go-to natural sleep aids: 


Get your body moving anytime, anywhere and release those feel-great endorphins with Bala.


Soak up the sunshine and all the Vitamin D benefits without the damage using the best of the best SPF: 

We Are Feel Good Inc.

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