Fashion Brand of the month: Sundress

As we look forward to switching out our sweatpants for sundresses, one brand is filling up our check-out baskets.

What do you get when you put together 5 dynamic women, 100 mock-ups, 200 pattern modifications, 100 meters of canvas fabric, 800 hours of sewing, 2 journeys to India, countless fitting days, endless liters of coffee and lot of love and passion?

A single unique collection of our fashion brand of the month, Sundress.

In a gorgeous studio based in the South of France, new ideas are drawn up which strike a balance between simplicity and opulence whilst embodying vacation style and femininity. Mediterranean inspired designs are then created by artisans in Italy and India using gorgeous fabrics, bold embroideries and shimmering details.

The result: effortlessly chic bohemian dresses that are guaranteed to upgrade any summer wardrobe.