Take A Moment For The Menopause

It's World Menopause Day. Here at Oxygen Boutique, we want to help you manage the symptoms that come hand-in-hand with the menopause. 

Whether you're suffering from anxiety, hot flushes, low mood, lack of motivation, weight-gain or more - we have got you covered. We've culminated together our favourite products to help you navigate, combat and cope with these symptoms. Plus, we've got some expert advice from specialist menopause nutritionist, Emma Barwell, at the ready for you!

A Helping Hand: Overall

We know that the menopause can be an extremely tricky time for us women. What if we told you there was a product that could hold your hand through it? Our first choice for you would be our transdermal vitamin patch: Super Woman from TOCU Health. From supporting hormonal balance to helping tackle menopausal hot flushes, this carefully formulated natural blend includes Valerian, Blue Skullcap, Gotu Kola and more to help see you through this new era. You got this.

We also highly recommend our Take A Pause tea. Whilst there are 34 symptoms of menopause, HotTea Mama have selected natural herbs that have been used for millennia to support with the most common - from irregular periods and heavy blood flow, to anxiety, lack of sleep and hot flushes.  Each ingredient has been selected for a functional purpose but in combination they create a refreshing herbal blend that is best enjoyed iced if you suffer from hot flushes. Click here and here to find two other mystery products that will most definitely aid with your menopause journey.

The Peri-Menopause Stage

Whilst a lot of the focus is on the menopause and it's effects - the peri-menopause stage can sometimes be overlooked. You're there, but you're also not quite there just yet. 

For this time in your life, we highly recommend consuming powders that aid your symptoms. Our plant based Peri-Boost powder is a plant-based food supplement powder with moldavian dragonhead to improve skin elasticity and density. It not only maintains hormone, immune system and electrolyte balance, but it also reduces tiredness. Supported by science, verified by real women.

If you are interested in researching any other products from our Boutique that will aid with your menopause symptoms, click here.