The Barbie Movie: Embracing The Power Of Play

From an early age, society tends to enforce norms that shape how individuals perceive play and leisure activities. Boys are encouraged to engage in competitive sports and video games, while girls are often nudged away from "childish play" towards more "mature" pursuits. However, it's time to challenge these expectations and rediscover the joy of play, regardless of our gender. Inspired by the impact of the Barbie movie, we, as women, should embrace the value of play in our adulthood and tap into what made us happy during our childhood.

The recent Barbie movie (which we loved, by the way!) has sparked conversations about the importance of play in both childhood and adulthood. The movie's message encourages us to embrace our childhood passions and memories, regardless of society's expectations. By doing so, we can tap into a wellspring of happiness and creativity that was once a natural part of our lives.

As women, it's essential to break free from the limitations imposed on us and reclaim the joy of play in our adult lives. Here's how we can do it:

1. Embrace Imagination: 

Rediscover the power of imagination by engaging in activities that stimulate your creativity. Whether it's drawing, writing, or daydreaming, embracing your imagination can lead to a more fulfilling and inspired life. 

 2. Revisit Childhood Favourites: 

Allow yourself to indulge in the things that brought you joy during your childhood. Dust off your old Nintendo console and immerse yourself in the world of Nintendogs or Mario Kart. (Animal Crossing is a personal favourite of mine, I must admit). Reliving those memories can rekindle a sense of wonder and happiness. 

3. Make Time for Play: 

Carve out time in your busy adult life for play and leisure activities. It's essential to have moments of fun and relaxation, just like men have with their passion for sports and video games. 

4. Shatter Gender Norms: 

Challenge the stereotypes that suggest certain activities are only meant for men or women. As women, we have the right to enjoy sports, gaming, and other activities traditionally associated with men. 

Let's break these barriers and pave the way for a more inclusive and joyful future.