The Beauty of Balance with TBalance Crystals


We are excited to enter the New Year wearing the delicately crafted and exquisitely chic TBalance bracelets.

Adopting a holistic approach to happiness, a TBalance Crystals bracelet will help you rediscover contentment, restore balance and celebrate self-love. Each individual design has been constructed with crystals and gemstones developed to heal, harmonise and transfer energy through the magical powers held in the naturally occurring minerals.

Discover the benefit of the various crystals so that you can select the perfect fit to restore balance into your life- or anyone lucky enough to receive one of these gorgeous pieces. Be, breathe, believe.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz activates the heart (fourth chakra) and promotes positive energy. It enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. This stunning pink stone raises self-esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance, and releases stress/tension/anger.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the seventh chakra stone (the crown of the head) and the master healer. It amplifies the energy, thoughts, and vibrations of other crystals. It’s used to connect you with your higher self and intuition.



Citrine stone is known as the ‘light maker’ for its bright yellow hue reflects vibrant energy, positivity and joy. It is therefore associated with creativity and wealth as it encourages confidence and catapults a woman into embracing a leadership role, making things happen in business. Citrine can assist with standing firmly within your personal power, self-confidence, and establishing healthy boundaries in every area of your life.



Find ultimate peace and harmony as this brilliantly white stone gives way to light during darkness, much like the moon itself. A moonstone can help to alleviate the mind of any anxiety through soothing the source of your worries and restoring a positive mindset. Also known as ‘the stone of fertility’, the moonstone is known for balancing hormonal and reproductive issues and emotions.


Blue Lace Agate

Considered the most powerful healing stone of all blue stones, Blue Lace Agate provides encouragement and support, whilst its circular flowing energy calms, uplifts and elevates. Blue Lace Agate is a stone of communication, helping those lacking in confidence or have difficulty being heard by others to share their truths. This lovely blue stone will help restore a sense of tranquillity as all anger and nervous tension are alleviated and replaced with clarity.