The Best Breakfast in London

breakfast in london
Introducing the latest breakfast trends and most popular places to start your mornings off sunny side up
Breakfast as the old saying goes, is the most important meal of the day and the part of your day that should never be boring. Be sure that you give yourself enough adventure every now and then just to switch up the old routine. Here is a list of the 7 most popular breakfast spots you need to try to start spicing up your morning meal choices: 
Quaint, cozy and nestled away in Neal’s Yard, 26 Grains is home to the most innovative and posh porridge dishes London has to offer. Owner and chef Alex Hely Hutchinson built her charming oats empire out of only the most naturally fresh and indulgent ingredients in the book. From flavourful savoury oat dishes that are accompanied by ingredients like egg and kale with a splash of hot sirracha to sweeter porridges made up of cinnamon, apple and butter hazelnuts, these wholesome recipes are just the type of morning fuel we’ve been craving. 
26 grains
It is expected of "the most important meal of the day” to leave us feeling energized and amazing, which is what founder Catherine Sharman set out to make possible in creating the quirky little restaurant that is, Après Food Co. Based at 72 John Street in Clerkenwell, London, Après Food Co provides you with a new take on comfort foods where locally sourced and gluten free earn top titles in their ingredients. Indulge without feeling guilty and enjoy another slice of that gluten free toast. 
apres food co
Covent Garden is home to the sexy yet sophisticated French style bistro Balthazar, which is there to serve you delicious and divine meals all hours of the day. However, le petit dejuenerat Balthazar’s is an indulgence that one should never pass up. Find hearty and wholesome New York style pancakes stacked up on a dish for your morning pleasure. Dine like a Parisian and indulge like an American, all the while experiencing one of the hottest breakfast joints in London. 
Smart and chic are just a few of the labels you would use to describe the mid-late 19th century style café that is known as The Black Penny. Located in the heart of London on Great Queen St, The Black Penny is the breakfast hot spot for veggie lovers and social butterflies with an adventurous appetite. With breakfast offerings of classic and delicious favourites like black penny baked beans on sourdough toast to more creative recipes like wild mushroom and crispy polenta hash, breakfast will never be boring again.   
the black penny
The once upon a time home to King Charles the II’s mistress Nell Gwynne and later the Gargoyle Club, that operated as a famous hot spot for artists, politicians and intellectuals of its time has since been transformed into the traditional British style, Dean Street Townhouse. In central Soho, Dean Street Townhouse has managed to maintain the character and class of its history and offer a true British inspired restaurant dining experience. To start off your day, the breakfast menu favourite here is one of the inventive and deliciously irresistible smoothie choices, made up of ingredients such as mint, kiwi, banana, avocado and much more. 
dean street townhouse
An inspiring story of two best gal pals who grew up living between Madrid and London and other European cities, came together to share their passion for good food and wine and thus, The Continental Pantry was born. In the heart of Notting Hill, breakfast is a must do experience at this little yet thriving delicatessen. From darling pastries to mashed up avocado on toast, a simple yet fulfilling breakfast will have you coming back for more, after all they are well known for their carefully crafted wine selection as well. 
the continental party
Prosecco and spritz and a tasty selection of Venetian style recipes makes for an excitingly delicious breakfast/brunch experience at the one and only Polpo. Polpo is every bit reflective of the Italian charm and beauty of Venice, food and atmosphere combined. With locations all over London, give yourself the opportunity to indulge in a brunch pizzeta with Italian sausage, Parmesan and soft egg washed down by a breakfast Bellini. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Italian experience, which may end up giving you a reason to book a spontaneous gondola ride through the canals of Venice.