The Diffuser That Gives Nicotine The Middle Finger

In the UK, in 2019, approximately 6.9 million people over 18 smoke cigarettes.

Yet more than half (52.7%) of people over the age of 16 who currently smoked said they wanted to quit, based on estimates from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.

With millions of people actively wanting to stop their smoking habit, E Cigarettes (or vapes) have becoming increasingly more popular with a global market worth around £15.5bn with predicted growth still. And although vaping is considered to carry a fraction of the risks of tobacco smoking, there are still concerns around the chemical content, long-term health effects and additive quality. 

Addition remains the biggest factor in peoples’ inability to quit smoking. The culprit? Nicotine. And since the liquid in vapes still contain this short-term endorphin-boosting substance, the addiction remains unaddressed, leaving you in favour of E cigs over withdrawal symptoms.

  So how do you break the cycle? How can you quit smoking or vaping for good?
Ditch the nicotine and choose Ripple. 

Ripple’s plant-powered aromatherapy diffusers are made free from nicotine and instead deliver their effects via functional botanicals. With six different blends each with their own targeted response, such a focus, boost, or relax, you can choose what works best for you without the risk of addition. 

The use of powerful plant extracts allowed Ripple to create completely vegan diffusers that are not only suitable for those who are trying to quit smoking, but also act as an incredible aid to help with concentration or anxiety. Overcoming addiction may be difficult, but in the words of Ripple themselves...