The Evolution Of Beauty Gadgets


Much to millennial disbelief, there once was a time where beauty gadgets cease to exist. Advances in beauty technology are benefitting not only high-end salons and spas offering the latest weird and wonderful treatments, but also the everyday gal’s beauty regime. Gone are the days where battery-powered Sonic Cleansing Brushes are the most hi-tech aspect of your skincare routine as we welcome light-therapy and radio frequency technology into our beauty bag of tricks. We stock some of the newest, must-have gadgets that are shining examples of the industry’s evolution. Ready to have your beauty ‘mind-blown’? Scroll down. 

Sensilift by Sensica


The Sensilift uses cutting edge radio frequency technology to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll be happy to hear it is pain free, non-invasive and can be used across the face, neck, décolletage and back of the hands.

Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device by MZ Skin

This isn’t our first rave about MZ Skin’s light-therapy face disco, we listed this mask as one of our top five beauty tools. This revolutionary device contains five coloured LED lights for targeted treatments including Strengthen and Film, Treat and Calm, Soothe and Balance, Rescue and Relieve and Rejuvenate and Refine.

Sensilight Pro by Sensica

Let’s not beat around the bush, waxing hurts. Ever wondered if there was a way to achieve that post-salon finish without the pain? Look no further than the Senslight Pro. This clever gadget removes hair safely and effectively. What’s more, it adapts to your skin tone and automatically recommends the optimum energy level.

Elvie Trainer by Elvie

Whether you consider pelvic floor exercises part of your beauty regime or not, we couldn’t leave this nifty gadget out. The award-winning Elvie Trainer cuts out all the guess work when it comes to the effectiveness of your Kegel exercises. The device connects to an app on your phone, giving real-time feedback along with expertly designed workouts and personalised training programs.