The Health Reboot

Another year has passed, and our bodies are in need of a recharge both inside and out. We are covering all bases this January, our Skincare Reset for your face, Wardrobe Detox for your mind, and following suit is our Health Reboot for your body. Here at Oxygen Boutique, health is important to us. We want you to feel as good as you look this new year, and these are the products to help you do just that.
Especially during Autumn and Winter, our bodies don’t get enough sun and consequently not enough Vitamin D. These sun capsules by Dr Nigma Talib will give your body the vitamin D that it needs to help absorb important calcium. Calcium contributes to bone and muscle maintenance, supports a health immune system and improves the appearance of hair, skin and nails. This supplement is free from sugar and is suitable for vegetarians too!
Almost all gym fanatics will know the importance of protein, but this product isn’t just for the post-workout refuel. Any busy woman can benefit from adding protein into her diet. In the crowded and often chemical-loaded market of protein powder, Supernova living stands out with its 100% natural and organic formula. Also, a range of adaptogens have been added to this blend for a full-body boost. You won’t find any artificial flavours or sweeteners as this pea protein is flavoured with raw organic Peruvian cacao (check out our ‘The Power of Cacao’ post to learn more!). It is also available in handy travel sachets, perfect for on the go.
If there is one supplement you introduce into your healthcare regime, it should be this Original Formula by Equi London. A blend of essential vitamins and minerals has been infused with a mix of natural super grasses, berries and algae to help you feel energised and ready. This clever powder also contains ashwagandha, a powerful herb to help combat stress. Vegan-friendly and berry-flavoured, this is the perfect new year treat for your body. 
Turmeric is well-known and appreciated within the healthcare world. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that target the source of many modern-day illnesses. Turmeric supplements come in many forms including capsules and tea bags. This product is an oral spray for easy absorption of the three active curcuminoids, the compounds that provide turmeric with a yellow hue and some of its medicinal properties. Want to know more about turmeric? It’s got a post of its own – read ‘The Turmeric Kick’