The Importance of Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again- those cosy evenings in front of the fire, lights in the trees and colourful shop windows, countless excuses to wear cashmere… the list goes on!
But there is no doubt that one thing we’re missing is the sun. With the sun rising late and setting before most of us are home, our vitamin D levels shrink and often result in a deficiency. This can cause fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness and even depression. There has also been research which links vitamin D deficiency with a higher risk of Covid-19 infection, with over 80% of patients hospitalised with the virus short of the vital vitamin.
So, why is the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ so essential for your health?
1) It promotes healthy bones and teeth
2) It supports immune, brain, and nervous system health
3) It is crucial for regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management
4) Vitamin D supports lung function and cardiovascular health
5) It influences the expression of genes involved in cancer development
As much as the ideal remedy would be a staycation in the Bahamas, lockdown has left us searching for easier alternatives. At Oxygen, we have plentiful powerful supplements to ensure that deficiency is not your reality. From capsules, to sprays, droplets… and even cocktails (yes, you read that right)!
Your winter sun wishes taken care of.
Some of our best selling Vitamin D supplements are:
Life Armour, High strength liquid supplement contains high levels of Vitamin D3 and K2 to support your immune system, healthy bones and overall wellbeing. Vegan friendly Vitamin D3 and K2 work together to ensure the normal absorption of calcium which is known to help improve bone density.
Dr Nigma, Vitamin D Sun (60 capsules) by Dr. Nigma. Perfect for when the sun alone just won't do, these Vitamin D capsules help absorb Calcium that contributes to the maintenance of bones and muscles, support the functioning of the immune system and improve the appearance of lackluster hair, skin and nails.
Wild Nutrition,   The Food–Grown® Vitamin D provides a high strength of 1000iu which is highly absorbable, biologically active (not storage) form of vitamin D3. This naturally includes all forms of vitamin D, including vitamin D3, D2 and D1. High absorption and retention in the body reduces the need for high dosing long term. Public health advice recommends supplementation for all during autumn and winter, and for certain individuals or 'at risk' groups during spring and summer too.