The Only Beauty Applicator You Need

"A man is only as good as his tools.” A quote that, from Emmert Wolf can be applied to pretty much anything if you tweak it a little bit. As far as makeup is concerned, we used to think that a brush was a brush and a sponge was a sponge; potato potahto. Oh how wrong we were.
The latest addition to our makeup bags that has practically streamlines how many brushes we have to carry (leaving more room for fun lipsticks that we probably won’t wear… it’s nice to have the option though), is the MakeupDrop applicators – the original silicone tool as well as the new hybrid applicator. Made of non-toxic, cruelty free hypoallergenic silicone, the original tear-shaped applicator can be used to apply a range of cream and liquid products to the skin, including skincare. Yep, skincare products too. If you’re thinking that this is probably too good to be true, then brace yourself for the next bit; the hybrid applicator can also apply powder products to the skin. I know. 
Being silicone, the application becomes smoother and doesn’t leave you with a dirty brush or sponge afterwards. Simply wipe your drop after you’ve finished using it if there’s any product still left on the surface. Seeing as its not porous like a sponge, liquids and creams do not soak into it, meaning that the entirety of the product is used. This not only leaves you with a cleaner, more hygienic tool, but also with more product left, meaning you can get another week out of that concealer, with the peace of mind that all of the product that you’ve squeezed out of it is going straight on to your skin.
Coming in a variety of colours, you could just get the original one… but when there’s a glittery one, and a pink one, and one with a flower on it as well, why not be more adventurous? You’re only going to throw out all your other brushes so you might as well…
For ease, we’ve included some videos below that shows the ease and versatility of this wonder tool.
Top tip: Leave your drop in the freezer overnight and use it to apply your moisturiser in the morning for an instant pick me up cooling effect that works to de-puff the skin, perfect for those late nights and early mornings.