The Power of Cacao

cacao powers
Chocolate that is brimming with health benefits? You better believe it. Cacao is a health gift from heaven that we can all be thankful for, and here’s why.
Cacao is raw cold-pressed cocoa beans; therefore it keeps all minerals and health riches that could have otherwise been removed by the roasting and processing. It’s these processes that turn the cacao into the not so healthy chocolate that we all crave and love.
Cacao is most commonly found in powder form but is also available to buy as nibs or butter. It’s packed full of body friendly flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant. Flavonoids help support your immune system and contain anti-inflammatory properties to keep your heart happy. Cacao can be an easy yet tasty way to up your magnesium intake too. Magnesium boosts your energy levels and assists the normal function of your muscles, nerves and heart. The iron content aids the making of healthy, oxygen carrying red blood cells while helping them transfer oxygen to your whole body. Ticking all the boxes? There’s more.
Of course, there’s the bonus that it’s low in sugar and dairy-free, but it’s also delicious to eat. I am a huge fan of Cacao Peanut Butter Porridge. Being an absolute chocoholic, chocolate for breakfast on any other occasion other than Christmas or Easter is always going to be a good thing. As a serving suggestion, I like to top mine with banana, honey and seeds. It sets me up for the day with its great taste and keeps me fuller for longer. Here’s a recipe to get you started.
But via a spoon doesn’t have to be the only way to reap the benefits of cacao, it also makes a fantastic face mask. Let your skin get in on the inflammatory fighting antioxidant action. Mixing the cacao powder with some coconut oil creates an amazing moisturizing mask your skin will appreciate. Take a look at the method below and get cracking.
This chocolatey health phenomenon has earnt its place in my kitchen. Think Cadbury with capacity - that’s cacao.