This Month's Must-Try - Legology

For September, our monthly must try can only be Legology. Legology offers an extensive range of products to help your legs feel and look amazing. From exfoliants to oils, this brand makes gorgeous legs achievable with ease. Once you’ve chosen Legology, the only decision is which mini skirt to buy next.
Legology was developed by award-winning beauty editor Kate Shapland as a solution for tired, heavy, cellulite studded legs. Their deep working formula provides instant and progressive relief from uncomfortable legs caused by hot weather, pregnancy, long haul flights and hours wearing heels. The products help relieve fluid retention that can make legs puffy, tired and congested, which contributes to cellulite. Legology’s product range creates the foundation for leg luxury.
Each product addresses a problem it its own unique, successful way. The Air-Lite Daily Lift provides an instantly lightening feeling to the legs whilst improving contours and reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts, an exotic exfoliating blend of sea salt, Amalfi lemon peel and Himalayan pink crystals, leaves your legs feeling smooth and soft to the touch. A real treat for the senses and, like all Legology products, a pleasure to apply. 
If you haven’t been overseas to attain your golden glow this year, Legology’s Sun-Lite Lingerie is a must have. This cooling 2-in-1 product will give your legs a gorgeous, natural-looking hint of tint. It is suitable to all skin tones and can be easily washed off. Be prepared for the repeated ‘Have you been on holiday?’ questions. We won’t tell if you don’t. 
Read our Body Brushing post and want to get started? The Lymph-Lite Boom Brush is an easy to handle, natural bristled brush that will allow you to body brush your cellulite troubles into a distant memory. Team it with the Cellu-Lite body for the perfect dimple diminisher. Last but by no means least is the Cellu-Lite Salon Secret. A product that features detoxifying and stimulating oils to hydrate and cleverly contour the legs. Not to mention the incredible smell: a blend of sandalwood, camomile, vetiver and patchouli. There was no expense spared when creating this luxurious oil.
Do you want legs that look and feel great? It’s simple. Just let Legology do the leg work.