This Serum Is The Answer To Looking Sun-Kissed

The ‘sun-kissed’ look is understandably desirable across the skincare and beauty industries. Who wouldn’t want their cheekbones to look like they’ve been knighted by golden rays? But it can often be more difficult to achieve that you’d think, especially if you don’t have the funds to spend every other weekend in Capri. However, fear not sun worshipers, your prayers have been answered. Natural beauty product brand Beached, has released a ‘Natural Bronzing Serum’ that is literally sun-kisses in a bottle. Say what?
The Bronzing Serum is the ultimate product for lack-lustre complexions. Depending on your preference, you can add it to a moisturiser or foundation for an all-over instant bronze boost, or tap it onto high parts of the face for that natural golden hour glow. The Beached serum offers radiance and responsibility, containing UVA and UVA filters to protect the skin against the sun. It’s also packed with skin-loving ingredients including Aussie Kakadu plum, which helps to lock in moisture and protect the skin from environmental stressors. The bottle contains an easy to use pipette, so not a drop will go to waste.
Perfectly sun-kissed without the damage. Who needs Capri anyway?