Three Steps To A Flawless Faux Glow


Oh to be golden and glowing all year round, wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be even nicer to know you can achieve a Bondi Beach tan - in the UK - right now - in just three easy steps? Well, you’re in luck, we don’t gate keep here. Follow our guide and earn your glow, beach babe.

STEP 1: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Arguably the most crucial stage of a flawless faux glow. Exfoliating preps and primes the skin ready for fake tan application, ensuring it is free from dead skin that may otherwise effect the finish of your tan. We love the Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub not only because it is 100% organic and free from nasty preservatives, chemicals and toxins, but also because it hydrates and moisturises the skin whilst it exfoliates. The results? A smooth and soft base to apply your next product. 

Here’s how to use:

Splash the skin

Be it a full body exfoliating scrub, or just a gentle face scrub, begin by wetting the skin first. For those tanning face only, a splash of warm water in the sink will do the trick, otherwise for an all over exfoliating scrub, soften the skin with a spritz of warm water in the shower to gently ease the skin into the exfoliation process.

Scrub a dub dub!

Being kind to your body, scoop the TW Tasmanian Sand Scrub into your less dominant hand, and then using the alternate hand (with optional exfoliating glove on), begin to massage the exfoliating scrub into the skin using a circular motion.

Rinse and repeat

Continue to circulate and sweep across the body with the exfoliating scrub, rinsing and repeating until skin feels smooth and renewed.

STEP 2: Time to tan

Once your skin is buffed and ready, it is time to apply your tan. Our go-to is the Self-Tan Mousse by Three Warriors since it boasts natural, organic ingredients and offers a streak-free natural looking glow, as confirmed by our editor. It doesn’t smell like your typical fake tan and rest assured, has no orange tones. 

How to use:

Using a tanning mitt (such as the eco-friendly tanning mitt) or a bare hand, place a small amount of self-tanning lotion onto the skin and glide the tan evenly across the body, leaving no surface unloved. Opt for loose clothing or a robe as it dries, allowing the Self-Tan Mousse to soak into the skin. Leave on for an hour for a sun-kissed glow or for up to five hours to achieve a deep bronze tan, then simply shower with warm water.

STEP 3: Finish with your face

To continue your gorgeous new glow onto your face, you need the Face Tan Aqua Mist. It is formulated to give the face, neck and décolletage a natural-looking tan sans sun damage.  Ideal for any skin type, the face mist can be applied 2-3 times a week to maintain an all-year-round glow. The product is buildable, allowing you to control your desired shade. Simply spritz over a bare face, allow the mist to settle in and, voila! The Face Tan Mist develops in as little as 3 hours.

We told you so! Three steps to look like two weeks on vacay. You’ll never have a tanning disaster again.

Bonus Tanning Tips:

- Apply moisturiser every day the week leading up to your tanning session to ensure the skin is well hydrated.

- When it’s time to tan, use a light moisturiser on dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, between the fingers, to minimise the tan from sticking too much.

- Before you tan, make sure your skin is completely clean, this means no to perfume or deodorant. For the best results, always use a tanning mitt and start from the legs upwards.