Tips to Help You (Finally) Organise Your Wardrobe

wardrobe tidy
Messy wardrobes are a given. No matter how many times we tidy them, those last-minute outfit changes and ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments soon make it look like the aftermath of a fashion hurricane. It can be difficult to keep your wardrobe neat and orderly when it’s much easier to throw your clothes in and shut the door. That’s if they make it into your wardrobe and don’t find themselves on ‘the chair’. But we’re on hand to guide you through, with tips on how to get organising for the final time.
Hanging shelves
Hanging shelves in wardrobes serve great purpose and they look good too. Simply hang them onto your wardrobe rail and fill with shoes, folded (yes, folded) clothes, and handbags.
Buy nice matching coat hangers
At first, this may sound ridiculous. But you have my word. Draping your clothes on pretty coat hangers makes a huge difference. It looks so much more appealing and they’re a novelty at first. Dare I say it, you might even want to hang up your clothes.
Banish the holiday clothes
Not bin but banish. Your holiday clothes are taking up valuable space in your wardrobe (and probably adding to the mess too). Pack them all into your suitcase and stow them away until your next trip.
Strategy is key
Whether you want to go with colour, garment type or most worn – get organising! You’ll find it so much easier in a morning if you know where everything is. And if your clothes have a specific place, you’ll be more inclined to keep them there.
No mercy for unworn clothes
‘But I might wear that’. No, you won’t. If you haven’t wore it for a year, excluding occasion wear or special pieces, you won’t wear it. Stop kidding yourself. Take them to a charity shop and let someone else benefit from them. Or sell them to fund for new items you’ll actually use.
Learn how to fold
Folding clothes is a bore, we know. Get on the internet and look at how to fold clothes quickly and properly. It takes no time at all and the process looks pretty impressive. It could become your new party trick. Albeit, probably not a crowd pleaser.
Keep your shoe boxes
They stack easy, look neater and keep your shoes from getting dirty or ruined (or even lost if your wardrobe is that chaotic). They’ll fit satisfyingly well in the slots of your new hanging shelves too.