Top Health and Fitness Accounts

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"New year, new me” we’ve been hearing it a lot lately – well since the beginning of the month, and more than half of UK adults fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions, the top three being to lose weight, get fitters and eat healthier, with most failing within one month or less.
But fear not, because we’ve rounded up some of the top health and fitness Instagram accounts to keep you inspired, motivated and help to get you back on track.
Your ultimate guide to washboard abs in no time, @Toneitup is the one stop shop for healthy recipes, work outs and some of that well needed gym motivation. Tone it Up was founded almost 10 years ago by California gals and fitness fanatics Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, who wanted to create an online community for women to come together and achieve their health and fitness goals. If you want to see a grid full of transformation pics (and who doesn’t?), dusty pink leisurewear, work-out videos on the beach and stylish food photos that will put your Pinterest to shame, then @Toneitup is the place to be. With a following of 1.2 million, and another 236k on their sister Insta @toneitupnutrition, and 678k YouTube subscribers Tone It Up is a serious social media player.
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Fitsporation at its finest! 41-year-old mum of two, Shonda Wagner shares her attainable and motivational fitness journey with her 2.6 million followers. Once weighing over 200lbs, Shonda’s at home and gym work outs are viewed by millions, daily, she’s fun and relatable and inspiring mothers across the world to get their fitness on! With simple work outs and delicious recipes that don’t sacrifice flavour – there’s even a healthy bacon mac and cheese (say what?!), Shonda has it all worked out. Thanks girl!
Instagram starlet and certified personal trainer, Anna Victoria founded The Fit Body Guide – a 12 week work out plan, almost three years ago and has gained global success from her honest approach to health and fitness. With over 1.2 million followers, Anna Victoria was one of the leaders in scattering self-acceptance across Instagram, posting images of herself sitting down and showcasing "stomach rolls” instead of her usual toned torso. AV’s followers praised her for the posts, changing their perspective of her and making her genuine, real and human! Anna wanted to spread her fitness message to raise awareness that just because you look fine, doesn’t mean you feel fine. Before her fitness journey, Anna wasn’t over-weight, but she was unhealthy, eating junk food morning, noon and night. Inundated with messages from hundreds of thousands of her followers, Anna decided to create The Fit Body Guide, containing all her health and fitness expertise. So, if you want a genuine, relatable fitness content @annavictoria is your gal. Plus, she recently bought a golden retriever puppy named Rigatoni (of course) who makes the occasional Insta appearance.
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Yep, you know her! No healthy Instagram compilation would be complete without Ella. With 1.2 million Instagram followers, 3 cook books, and Deliciously Ella energy ball snacks stocked in health retailers across the UK, Ella Woodward is arguably one of the most successful social media health pioneers in Britain. Starting life as a blog, the Deliciously Ella brand is now bigger than ever, celebrating plant-based food and with an Instagram grid full of vibrant breakfast bowls, and the occasional pasta dish for good measure, Deliciously Ella is an account to follow if you want to broaden your veggie horizons, and take insanely stylish food pics of your own from the recipes provided by Ella. 
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Founder of Healthy Fitness Meals and mother of five, Rena Awada brings delicious, healthy and light meals for all the family. From skinny chocolate zucchini muffins to shrimp cauliflower fried rice, Rena’s recipes are simple, bursting with flavour and encourages you to experiment with foods you never did before! All recipes are available on the @healthyfitnessmeals Instagram account, which has a whopping 3.3 million followers, and also through 
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