We’re Obsessed With These Insect-Inspired Accessories

When it comes to uber chic accessories, insects may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In any other circumstance, we’ll have nothing to do with creepy-crawlies. However, accessory brand Camila Carril makes wearing insects far from a Bushtucker Trial.

Camila Carril’s unique collection of accessories has a strong focus on gold. The 14ct plated framework encases colourful cubic zirconia stones that make each piece both playful and stylish. The insect details are cleverly subtle, and when combined with the overall aesthetic they create incredible statement jewellery. Items can be worn individually or stacked together, neither superior yet both stunning. A standout piece in the collection is the Elizabeth Caterpillar Necklace. Sitting just above the collar bones, it catches the light beautifully at every angle and elevates any outfit with ease. This necklace belongs to a truly striking assembly of must-have accessories. Timeless and oozing flair, we cannot help but be obsessed.