What To Eat (And Avoid) For Glowing, Clear Skin

It is becoming more and more evident that we are what we eat. And unsurprisingly, our diet has the potential to have a huge impact on our skin. Not only can certain food and drink influence short term skin qualities such as blemishes and dullness, it can also affect the way our skin ages as we get older. In a bid to find out what foods may cause the rise of an angry pimple to premature wrinkles, we chatted to world-renowned naturopathic doctor and author Dr Nigma Talib on what our next food shop might look like.

According to Dr Nigma, there are four food groups (well, drinks too) that are the prime suspects when it comes to common skin concerns. These include gluten, sugar, dairy, and wine. Each aggravator is responsible for causing specific skin issues on specific locations of the face, making it relatively easy to identify which foods your skin is saying ‘thank you, next’ to.

Below are four illustrations, which serve as a kind of skin concern ‘whodunit’. 

Take a look at each graphic, does one reflect how your skin looks? Or a combination of two, three, or four? If so, that particular food group may not be serving your #skingoals. But don’t panic, if you realise that dairy for example doesn’t agree with you, there’s no need to go on a rampage and swear yourself off cheese for life. Everything in moderation is still a phrase to live by, so you can play around and figure out your sensitivity and what works best for you.

Images from Milled.com

Since we’ve discussed what might have a negative impact on our skin, what can we do to improve our skin? 

In addition to a great cleanser morning and evening, you should eat your greens like your mama told you. Furthermore, Dr Nigma advises taking a vitamin supplement to support your skin’s needs, “Vitamin supplements are cofactors in helping your body deal with stress, help repair mitochondria, and help reduce inflammation caused by poor diet and environment toxicity.”

What supplement would a Gwyneth Paltrow-approved (hello,vampire facial) naturopathic doctor recommend? The expertly formulated Beauty in a Bottle, of course. Delivering 20 powerful ingredients, vitamins, and minerals including zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin A, C and E, Beauty in a Bottle supports the immune systems while promoting healthy skin, hair and nails. And if your skin needs a little extra boost, Dr Nigma suggests the Treatment Mask No1, an award-winning mask that brightens and tightens after just one use. Since there is a generous amount of extra serum per pouch, her top tip is to apply this at bedtime for an extra boost of glowiness. 

Keep in mind that it is best to discuss any dietary changes with a medical professional to determine if it is right for you.

Happy eating!