When in Rome

Rome… a city where indulging in gelato is as commonplace as brushing your teeth. And why would you want to eat gelato in any other place other than the eternal city? Famed for its long history and tradition of artisan gelato, here is a guide to the best Gelaterias Rome has to offer to cool you down in the blazing August heat. 
Having five branches across Rome really indicates just how delicious the ice cream at Fatamorgano Gelato really is. The go – to place for all types of Gelato they offer gluten andlactose free ice – cream in unique flavour combinations such as Chocolate with Tobacco infusion and Basil, Walnuts and honey. What makes them even better? They pride themselves on their use of fresh, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. 
Otaleg, is Gelato spelt backwards, the quirkiness and creativity of the name is reflected in their flavours, must haves being bourbon Madagascar and vanilla, passionfruit and chocolategruee and white chocolate liquorice and mint. You can also see the ice cream being made in front of you - what you see is what you get. And what you get is truly divine. 
Bar Trevi 
Imagine it is night time, you’ve just made a wish by the Trevi fountain and you’re staring up at the stars surrounded by loved ones. What could make this evening any more perfect? Head to the right and you’ll enter Bar Trevi, gorgeously decorated and some of the most delicious ice creams and sorbets. Pistachio and Lemon is one for the bucket list. 
Make sure you pop into Fiordiluna, and walk around the beautiful ivy covered, cobbled streets of Trastevere with gelato in hand, and take in all beauty and diversity of this charming neighbourhood.  Fiordiluna uses Fairtrade, natural Ingredients and have a wonderful philosophy towards their work, using minimal ingredients whilst striving for maximum quality. Do not leave rome without trying their Stracciatella. If that’s not enough Fiordiluna also offer Gelato making courses!
One of the older Gelateria’s in Rome, Old Bridge Gelateria has over 25 years of experience creating artisan ice cream. They carefully select their basic raw materials for creating gelato, making sure they’re of high end quality and produce numerous, luxurious flavours without chemical additives, hydrogenated fatty acids, dyes or preservatives. Situated near the Vatican, head over after visiting the expansive Vatican Museums or after climbing the Dome of St Peters Basilica for an indulgent treat 
If you haven’t got a sweet tooth, don’t be disheartened. Gelato di Claudio Torce offers artisan gelato with a twist and is famous for its unusual, but amazing savory gelato flavours. Choose from the weird and wonderful, ranging from celery to gorgonzola, brie and fruit or pear and cinnamon. Sweet tooth? Fear not, there are flavours for you too. Why not opt for blueberries and cream or apple strudel?