Why I created ZENii by Dr Johanna Ward

ZENii is my passion. I created it because I wanted to create a range that combined high performance skincare with cellular nutrition. It seemed obvious to me at the time that one skin cream cannot possibly give you complete anti-ageing but is rather  just one part of a greater whole. True skin health and anti-ageing starts at the cellular level and optimises all parts of the cell cycle.

With ZENii I have created synergy between the concepts of nutrition and skincare. Its all about beautifying and optimising from the InsideOut.

We specialise in clinically proven supplements and advanced skincare products. We offer premium products that aim to be the very best in the market in terms of quality, ingredients, research and results.

I always try to educate and empower my customers in skincare and healthy living. My goal is to inspire customers to nourish their bodies from the inside out to give them the best chance of health and inner vitality. There is incredible synergy between what we put into our bodies and how the skin reflects it and I want to be one of the best brands combining high performance, clinical skincare with micronutrition. I believe that this is the future of skincare, anti-ageing and true longevity.

Our skincare products have all been passionately and painstakingly created and formulated by me and my team of cosmetic chemists. I have worked with some of the best cosmetic brands in my career so I I know what people like and what they don’t. I also know what ingredients you need to use to see results and to achieve a long term impact on the skin. ZENii is about science and integrity, not marketing hype. It’s powered by passion and I surround myself by people in my team who share my sense of excitement and creativity. We use clinically active ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, peptides, stem cells, liposomal retinol and antioxidants to deliver genuine results. These ingredients have been blended into beautiful formulas with gorgeous textures and smells so that our customers fall in love with the ritual of taking good care of their skin. I call it Intelligent Beauty.  Our skincare is all made in London in small batches.  I personally check every batch and ensure I am happy with it. Our skincare is all vegan and made from plant based ingredients. It is also paraben free because we don’t want to expose any of our consumers to potential endocrine disruption. There are enough harmful chemicals in our environment and daily life, your skincare shouldn’t be one of them! We are proud to be UK made and we are proud to offer cruelty free skincare with PETA certification. Our beauty choices do not need to harm animals.


Our supplements are all made to complement and work with our skincare range and are manufactured under the highest standards in pharmaceutical grade facilities. All our supplements are certified GMP. We source the finest raw ingredients and choose the very best for our products. We also test all of our raw ingredients and check our product stability post production. These are not industry standards.

I have a passion for the science of longevity and nutrition and it is with this knowledge that I have created our supplement range. There are some things that even the very healthiest person cannot avoid in modern life - pollution, UV radiation, deficiencies in Vitamin D, depletions in major antioxidants - these all affect your long term health and can be countered or corrected for. It is my hope that our supplement range can help our customers fulfil their very best human potential and help optimise their health at the cellular level. It is with cellular optimisation that you can hope to live a long, healthy and vital life.

DR Johanna Ward


ZENii Founder