Why Sexy Underwear Is For The Body *and* The Soul

Many of us are guilty of owning an array of let’s say questionable underwear. But you wear clothes all day so who gives? As it turns out, your choice of lingerie might make more difference than you may think…
Putting on underwear is usually a task completed with little or no thinking. You search through your undie drawer, experience a momentary debate about wearing something sexy then bypass straight to the super comfy yet totally boring briefs. If this is you, that’s okay! But if you want an easy way to feel more confident and body positive then paying attention to your base layer could make all the difference.
We all understand the importance of priming before foundation. It prepares your skin for the next layer by creating the perfect base. This is what great underwear could do for you. Like a good quality primer working under foundation, your underwear will allow your clothes to sit flawlessly over the top. This means no clinging, bunching or dreaded VPL (visible pantie line). Not only will a set of stunning smalls make a difference physically, it can have an incredible impact on how you feel and see yourself too. They can help you to feel sexy and with sexiness comes an extreme feeling of empowerment, confidence and self-assurance. Especially knowing you’re doing it for yourself and not for anyone else’s benefit. 
We know, you would love to wear more lavish underwear but don’t want to sacrifice comfort? We hear you. No one wants to conquer the day with a wedgie. The good news is you don’t have to. Cosabella offers lingerie styles that are gorgeous *and* wearable with ease. From padded bras to bralets, hotpants to thongs, all provide varying levels of support and coverage. Cosabella’s lingerie is available in classic muted shades that will blend seamlessly into your clothing too. So, when deciding what underwear to put on you’ll no longer have to choose between practical or pretty. Simply slip on your new Cosabella lingerie set and let the sexy confidence reign. Who knew the answer to unlocking your inner boss ass b**** was lurking in your knicker drawer?