Why Vitamin C is Trending in Beauty in 2018

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We've always known Vitamin C is great for fighting off a cold. But can it fight off wrinkles just as well? There are serums pumped full of the stuff around every corner but what skin benefits does it really have? With a staggering 3379% increase in searches for vitamin C in skincare on Pinterest. Making it one of the top-ranking beauty trends of the year. It's going to be huge. Here's why Vitamin C is trending in beauty 2018...
So, what made Vitamin C the most sought-after beauty superhero overnight? Due to high pollution problems, our biggest skin complaints are dullness & fine lines. Manufacturers needed to find an ingredient strong enough to prevent and treat these issues. Vitamin C became the weapon of choice. Firstly, it's an amazing antioxidant, meaning it can neutralise toxins in the skin caused by sun exposure and pollution. Secondly, Vitamin C has also been found to heighten the skins ability to heal itself. Treating scarring and hyperpigmentation along its way.
Now you're probably wondering how you can get your Vitamin C fix? Of course, drinking a glass of the fresh stuff will help you from the inside. The outside, however, needs some extra work. Here's our top Vitamin C lotions and potions to target dullness, fine lines & UV damage.
the ordinary skincare
The most budget-friendly Vitamin C skin fix is The Ordinary's Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution coming in at £8.90. Perfect for those battling signs of premature ageing. The easy to apply serum is best used AM & PM under your favourite moisturiser. Apply a few drops to hand and pat into skin.
show haircare
The Vitamin C trend doesn't stop at the skin. Pollution also takes its toll on hair and leaves locks dry, brittle and dull. If you're looking for a health boost for your locks, SHOW Beauty Couture Curl Enhancing Lotion provides ultimate hydration. Vitamin C prevents free-radicals and photooxidation, helping in the repair and conditioning of the hair.