Why You Should Go Vegan Once a Week

vegan life
Veganism isn’t just for peace-loving hippies in rainbow pattern pants, oh no. We can all enjoy the benefits without the commitment by going vegan just once a week. We all need a cheat day to boost our moods, but a vegan day will boost your body and your mind.
A total vegan diet can seem daunting. No meat or animal produce? So, what’s left then, broccoli and dust? Don’t be fooled. There are so many recipes out there that are so tasty and healthful that you won’t even have time to miss meat. The gains of a vegan diet are plentiful. You’ll smash your ‘5-a-day’ target out of the park, learn to love fruit and vegetables, as well as broadening your diet by trying foods you’d have probably never heard of before hand. As vegan diets are largely reliant on foods such as fruit, veg, wholegrains, beans, nuts and seeds, they tend to contain more fibre, vitamins and minerals than a regular diet.
Going meat free at least once a week is becoming ever more important. Eating too much red meat isn’t good for the body. According to the NHS, we shouldn’t be eating any more than 70g a day. It is high in saturated fat which can raise your cholesterol levels and result in health complications. All the more reason to try out some vegan recipes. Diet + fruit and veggies – meat = success. You do the math.
Taking a bit of vegan inspo doesn’t only benefit you on the inside. Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals present in your meals, particularly vitamins A, C and E, your skin will feel the power too. Rich with properties that repair, protect and anti-age, you and your skin will be the best of friends. An omnivorous diet seems like a distance memory, right? The planet will applaud you too. In short, the production of meat and animal products takes its toll on the planet. Whether that’s by using land to grow food for the livestock (and not crops for ourselves), transportation or just the multitude of cow farts, going vegan will in turn reduce all these processes.
We can’t completely slag off meat and animal derived products though. They can be great sources of protein and some contain vital nutrition, such as vitamin B12, which isn’t found naturally in non-animal-based products. So, we shouldn’t completely boo meat off the stage just yet.
Being a once a week vegan is a great way to eat a wider variety of healthy foods. I am definitely going to make the effort and try out some vegan recipes. Having said that, the meat, eggs and cheese still have a firm place in my kitchen. After all, balance is key, in diet and in life.