Why Your Pillowcase Is Ruining Your Skin (And Hair)

Our skin is pretty good at making enemies. In fact, the list of antagonists is getting so long we’re going to need to write a burn book. Latest to join the party – pillowcases. A secret skincare assassin that strips the ‘beauty’ right out of your beauty sleep. 

The culprit here is cotton pillowcases. Although they feel relatively soft to touch, they are surprisingly harsh on your skin and hair. The friction between you and your case can lead to redness, wrinkles and bed hair that’s never as flattering as in the movies. In addition to this, cotton cases absorb the moisture in your skin and hair, leaving you with dull, frizzy hair and dehydrated skin. And no one wants that.

Lucky for us, silk is here to save the day. Silk pillowcases are less abrasive; their smooth surface allows you to glide across the case with minimal friction. They don’t soak up as much moisture either, so your skincare products will remain where they have purpose. Silk alternatives are also natural temperature regulators therefore you can sleep comfortably with peace of mind you’ll wake up glowing. They are more expensive than their cotton counterparts but a worthy investment for any skincare/haircare enthusiast.