Zero Gravity Pilates

zero gravity pilates
So, you’re not a fan of cramped communal workout classes, but don’t like fighting through the sea of testosterone to the sweat-drenched weights either? Don’t compromise. Thanks to Zero Gravity Pilates’ small and effective classes, you can build muscle and lose fat in the best way – without the insufficient workspace and gym-junkie grunting.
Zero Gravity Pilates specialise in Ultra Dynamic Reformer Pilates and HIIT 30. They are a studio with an emphasis on science. Ran by the UK’s leading Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation experts, there is no room for second best staff. All trainers at Zero Gravity Pilates have a BSc Sports Science degree, so all workouts are supervised by people who know their stuff. In addition to this, they’re all extremely friendly and try their best to make you feel safe and comfortable during your class. This means you won’t get screamed at if you can’t finish the last 10 seconds of a move – and no military-style burpees as punishment either. The trainers will push and motivate you, but they are fully aware that the body has its limits. Sound good? Read on to hear about their specialist classes.
Ultra Reformer Pilates
Ultra Reformer Pilates is a unique class that can give you the most vibrant of results in weeks. It aims to shock the body and the metabolism, kicking it into gear to burn calories whilst building muscle. No two classes are the same and each are tailored to achieve your goals. Unlike ordinary Pilates, this class uses a reformer. A reformer is a piece of bed-shaped equipment consisting of spring tension cables. The reformer allows the trainers to follow an isolate, fatigue, stretch method to help make every class as efficient as possible. The Ultra Reformer Pilates class also includes the use of Pilates rings, light free weights and Pilates boxes. Like all classes at Zero Gravity Pilates, the group size is small, so you can get the utmost support from your expertly qualified trainer.
HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a personal favourite of many fitness fanatics due to its ability to build muscle and burn fat during, and long after your workout. HIIT 30 is a 30-minute class that uses advanced techniques to help you shred your way to a lean, toned body. Short, sharp intervals of ‘give it all you’ve got’ effort, followed by a short period of rest is sure to torch calories and leave you sweating like never before. The trainers are constantly introducing new moves and routines to avoid your body hitting a plateau. So, there’s no doubt this class will push you to your limits in the most invigorating way. Soon you’ll be asking: is it possible to break a world record for sweating so much?
Zero Gravity Pilates understand that even though all their classes are purposefully small, some people need a little extra attention and guidance. This is the reason they offer a personal training service to individuals. As always, their friendly trainers are more than happy to help, and become a part of your fitness journey.
Zero Gravity Pilates’ studios are situated in Potters Bar, Mill Hill and Loughton. Can’t wait to get started? Shop our fitness clothing to help you look the part.