Women's Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal support

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anatomē Women's Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal support

A complex of key vitamins, minerals and botanical adaptogens that support hormonal balance and your physical health. anatomē nutritionists have blended vital nutrients that include Vitamins B12, D and C, Folic Acid, Selenium and Chromium alongside botanical extracts of Ginseng, Sea Kelp and Biotin. These ingredients combine to help the body to 'adapt' to daily challenges, boosting energy levels, balancing hormones and supporting your immune system.

Why It Works

anatomē nutritionists have worked incredibly hard to create a formula that will support your immune health and hormonal wellbeing. This unique vegan complex (which you take each morning), contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts know as adaptogens, that guarantees all the essential nutrients for the body to achieve optimum health.  Key ingredients include:

Folic Acid, Chromium, Inositol are known to support fertility, positive mood and regular menstrual cycles.

Siberian Ginseng and Sea Kelp help to boost energy and maintain healthy thyroid function. Vitamins SeleniumB12, D and C support the body's natural immune defence, allowing the body to repair.  Biotin supports hair and nail growth.  Feverfew extract supports hormonal health.

Overall anatomē want to support your body from the strains of this challenging world, this complex will help support the body against immune-related conditions specifically supporting the thyroid, skin and musculoskeletal whilst also reducing inflammation in the body.


1. BOOST energy levels, reduce stress and balance mood
2. BALANCE female hormones
3. STRENGTHEN immune defence and wellbeing

How to use

To support your day-to-day health and wellbeing:

Take 1-2 tablets daily

Every morning after breakfast or after lunch

With a glass of water

anatomē Women's Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal support
anatomē Women's Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal support