GOKOS BrowStyler - medium

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GOKOS BrowStyler - medium

Perfectly defined eyebrows for a natural look

This succeeds effortlessly with the GOKOS BrowStyler:

The soft applicator absorbs an exactly dosed amount of the creamy powdery cosmetic texture every time the color cartridge is closed and the clever small cosmetic pen is ready to use.
First apply the powdery soft, matt finish of the highly pigmented cream-to-powder-texture with the soft applicator gently over the brow hairs in their growth direction.
Then define and form the brows with the styling brush.

For more intensive pick-up, simply close and reopen the color cartridge several times.

- vegan
- free of perfume
- pushes your Brow Power with brow powder
- included wax fixes your brow form
- with convenient brush

GOKOS BrowStyler - medium
GOKOS BrowStyler - medium
GOKOS BrowStyler - medium