Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

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Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay by Loelle.
Rhassoul is known for its ability to absorb contaminants from the skin and hair and provide useful minerals such as iron and magnesium.
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay reduces dryness, improves skin clarity and elasticity, and has deep cleansing properties. It relieves eczema and sunburn, encouraging skin rejuvenation.
Customise the clay for your skin type.
Mix the clay with rose water to the desired consistency to make a clay mask.
For normal to dry skin, try a few drops of Loelle's organic cold-pressed Argan oil.
As a shampoo, more proportion of rose water is needed than clay, do not let the clay dry in the hair during the action time - spray with rose water or fill with water.


Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay