Antarctic Krill Supplements by Neubria

Antarctic Krill Supplements

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Antarctic Krill Supplements by Neubria.

  • Superior source of omega-3
  • 121% more EPA and DHA
  • Super-fast absorption
  • 100% sustainable
  • Naturally non-GMO

Choose the cleaner, purer way to get the benefits of omega-3 with Neubria's Krill Oil – helping support your diet with essential nutrients sourced directly from the Antarctic.

One of the brain’s major building blocks, omega-3 fatty acids are critical for optimal brain function, and healthy eyes and heart – delivering 121% more EPA and DHA than standard omega-3 fish oil for the most effective levels of support.
The scientifically proven formulation also contains choline, a key component in the regulation of memory, mood and muscle control, as well as astaxanthin, one of the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidants.
100% sustainable and traceable to the point of harvest, our Krill Oil offers an eco-friendly alternative that performs even better – fast-absorbing, clean ingredients and a healthy dose of essential nutrients. It’s naturally non-GMO, too.
Suggested use:
Simply take two capsules a day with food to feel the full natural benefits.